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<aside> โš ๏ธ Before We Continue: Buildable's that are out of your claim flag*. You will be banned for 4 hours for every buildable multiplied by the number of times you were banned within the latest map change. More than 25 buildables found the ban time will not be increased.


*This does not include items being used to do a horde beacon. You may place barbwire, fences and sandbags to help assist them. However all items placed needs to be cleaned up by you after the beacon is complete and before leaving the server. Anything left behind will constitute a 4 hour ban per item.

Building is going to be a large part of your experience here, it is a way for you to express yourself and show off your accomplishments. Without these guidelines, weโ€™d always be having to do map resets due to a decrease in performance. On that note while you read you will learn our guidelines on how we go about building.

Base Requirements

When you start to build your base, everyone is required to have a set of items. Those items are a claim flag, lockable door, lockable sign and a bedroll. Donโ€™t worry we provide them for you. - /kit Required Click on each item to learn more about it.


Note: Feel free to use the equivalent if a map we use has one.

Base Decorating


Feel free to place chairs, tables and any other decorations on the top of your base.

IS a Light Source

Torch, Flare Barricade, Campfire, Lamp, Spotlight, Cage Light, Sentry w/lighted Weapon, Table Lamp, Round Wall Lamp, Mirror Light, Ceiling Light, Fluorescent Light, Fire barrel, LYHME Lamp, Bonfire, and a Fireplace.



NOT a Light Source

Monitor, Upgraded Monitor, Laptop, Upgraded Laptop TV, Upgraded TV, Ceiling Fan, Candle, Wall Candle Holder Candle Stand, Stone Oven, Christmas Tinsel, Ball Ornament, 360 Display

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