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📍 Brief History of Us

<aside> 💡 Since 2014, the LYHMECommunity has been squeezing the most out of life. Our Unturned experience is unmatched by any other hosting network. We have a cohesive team of carefully selected staff who work together to bring the fun to you, our players. Our player base is a unique cast of characters that laugh together, play together, and support its members. In fact, our player base spans the globe, meaning staff is available 24 hours a day! Let our Rocket servers launch you into an unparalleled Unturned adventure.


🎉 Shoutout

<aside> 🥳 We would like to give a big shoutout to everyone who has contributed to making this website a reality, as well as those who provided the images used for our headers. Your support is greatly appreciated!


💻Our Servers

Service / Game Information
Discord https://discord.com/invite/xTs7DVS
Unturned 3 IP: http://play.lyhme.gg Port: 27015
Minecraft: Bedrock Realm Code: TSg9fBoQRGg

📝 Our Guidelines

The following is what we expect from you being a member of our community.

Guideline Description Punishment
Spamming - Flooding or otherwise spamming the chat. (including voice)

If someone is breaking any of guidelines you can report them by Messaging ModMail on our Discord. | | | Trolling | Saying or doing something to confuse or mislead members. | | | Inappropriate Behaviour | Talking about or joking about inappropriate subjects. | | | Rioting | Rioting for / against a particular issue, decision or other topics that would disturb the environment of our server. (creating unnecessary drama) | | | General Rudeness | Being rude to other members or arguing with other members. (In a hostile manner)

Respectly disagreeing on topics are overall allowed as along as it does not get heated. | | | Harassment | To continue unwanted behavior towards someone after being told to stop. | | | | This also includes wishing that a member dies / telling a member to die in real life. | | | Behavior | Being excessively rude / abusive toward another member. Including using race, gender etc to insult others. | | | Filter Bypass / Swearing | Finding a way to bypass words that are filtered. | | | | Swearing is permitted on our servers via a group or voice chat and if everyone is okay with it. | | | Malicious Threats (DDoS, Hacking, etc) | Making any type of serious threat towards another member. | | | Discrimination / Racism | Discriminating towards a group. Such as: religion, sex, sexuality, nationality etc. | | | Revealing Personal Information | Giving out information that can identify someone in real life. | | | Advertising | Setting your username as your YouTube, Twitch or another platform’s name is permitted. | | | | Sharing any LYHME related content you made is permitted in public chats such as if you are streaming or made a video. | | | | Advertising another another servers IP, URL or Discord Invite Link is not permitted unless done via /pm or group chat. | | | Related to Links | - Links that has inappropriate content such as, NSFW (porn), drug related content, or other content not suitable for childern.

🧟 In-game Guidelines

Following are guidelines related to our Unturned and Discord servers.

Guideline Description Punishment
Gameplay Trolling Purposely trying to frustrate or to ruin the game for other members. Which can include but not limited to:

for when it comes to your profile pictures but not limited:

Where it is not permitted is bypassing a punishment or building a separate base or claiming a bed to make it look like you have another member in your group. | |

👷🏼‍♂️ Minecraft Guidelines

Following are guidelines related to our Minecraft realm.

Guideline Description Punishment
Building Please build at least 100 blocks from each direction from the spawn.

When building near other members, leave some space in each direction.

We also ask that when it comes to your base to include your username and any group members’ names. | | | Inappropriate Gameplay | Following are examples but not limited to what we classify as inappropriate gameplay.

🔨 Appealing a Punishment

When we do make those mistakes we may have consequences. Sometimes they can last for a short or even a long period of time. Depending on the length of the consequence, you have the opportunity to appeal it.

Time Explanation
1 Second - 7 Days You may not appeal unless the staff member is at fault.
8 Days and Beyond You may attempt to appeal your ban inside our Discord by messaging ModMail.

🔫 Unturned Server

All about when it comes to our Unturned 3 server.

Unturned Guides

🏡 Building Guidelines

The following our guidelines when it comes to building on our Unturned server.

A group as being two or more members.

Build: Blueprints

👥 Joining Our Team

The following are some steps and advice that you can follow from Uncle LYHME the owner of LYHME.

<aside> ♻️ Read over this wiki, learn where things are located. We are and will always be adding it, so this is very important.

Patience, to everyone. When it comes to your application, It can take us sometimes to review it.

Report exploits, share things you see while playing or that needs to be cleaned up. Report them by messaging our ModMail bot.


<aside> ⏰ Take your time answering questions that you are asked, this goes along for us. We even encourage having your answers be lengthy. Actively TRY to help other members, on discord and even in-game. When it comes to something you don’t know, know it’s okay. You can take that moment to learn, let the member know you don’t know, and try to find someone that knows the answer.

Participate in the community. What we mean by this is, make suggestions, and react to polls, change logs, and announcements to name just a few things.


<aside> 🔥 At the end of the day, all we ask is to do your best each and every day.


👋🏼 Open Positions

Team Status Requirements
Guide Team OPEN • 15 Years Old
• Linked Role on Discord

📝 Staff Application


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