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Minecraft Realm

<aside> ⚠️ This is a Bedrock realm server, and is PvE.


The following is what we expect from you being a member of our community.****

Our Guidelines

  1. No Stealing, Griefing, Hacking, Exploiting Bugs, Harassing other Members
  2. Do NOT CHANGE other members’ builds/ blocks unless giving permission by said member/ group members
  3. No building around spawn by 100 blocks each direction
  4. Be mindful of how close you are building next to others (leave some wiggle room)
  5. Do not destroy others’ crops/farms
  6. Do not attack/kill other member’s farm animals that are on their property
  7. Do not attack/kill other member’s pets
  8. Label your main builds with your username and any group members’ username’s

We want this realm to be fun an enjoyable for everyone!! If you are unsure if something is against the rules or not, please message Mod Mail at this time. This rules page is subject to change as we learn and grow so please check in on this page every now and then as new rules are made or old ones erased!

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