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So you’d like to become an LYHMECommunity, Staff Member. Sweet! Let’s get started.


The following are some steps and advice that you can follow from Uncle LYHME the owner of LYHME.

<aside> ♻️ Learning, Patience and Reporting

Read over this wiki, learn where things are located. We are and will always be adding it, so this is very important.

Patience, to everyone. When it comes to your application, It can take us sometimes to review it.

Report exploits, share things you see while playing or that needs to be cleaned up. Report them by messaging our ModMail bot.


<aside> ⏰ Time, Helping and Participating

Take your time answering questions that you are asked, this goes along for us. We even encourage having your answers be lengthy. Actively TRY to help other members, on discord and even in-game. When it comes to something you don’t know, know it’s okay. You can take that moment to learn, let the member know you don’t know, and try to find someone that knows the answer.

Participate in the community. What we mean by this is, make suggestions, and react to polls, change logs, and announcements to name just a few things.


<aside> 🔥 At the end of the day, all we ask is to do your best each and every day.


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