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Who doesn't like a fun event? Here at LYHME we are committed to having a fun and great member experience! Documenting them here will help us stay on the same page, and keep everything in order.

The Purge

<aside> 📢 Emergency Broadcast System This is not a test. This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the Purge event sanctioned by the LYHMECommunity.

Teaming Up Teaming up with non-group members has been authorized during the Purge.****

Not Are Permitted


Closing Remarks Commencing at the siren, murder will be legal. Guide, Moderator, and Administrators will be unavailable until the Purge concludes.

Blessed be our Community, may God be with you all.

A big thank you to StellaR and Machew for the help with this page.


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