Our Guidelines

The following is what we expect from you being a member of our community.


  1. Respecting other members, the community and server
    1. Bullying, being malicious and threats will not tolerated what-so-ever period.
    2. Impersonating another member or a member of staff
  2. Trading items or in-game money for monetary related value
  3. Using a hacked, modified client or bypassing a punishment
    1. Including the use of scripts, a self bot or duping items will not be tolerated
  4. Hackusating accusing a member of hacking via voice or chat
    1. Private message a staff member or send a message to our ModMail bot on Discord
  5. Swearing in our community
    1. While in a group chat, or voice channel swearing is permitted IF everyone is okay with it
    2. What is not okay is putting swear words on signs, books or something similar.
  6. Our Discord Server
    1. We ask everyone to follow their Term of Service including being above the age of 12.

Messaging / Voice

  1. Related to Advertising other servers, social media and websites
    1. Setting your username as your YouTube, Twitch or another platform’s name is permitted
    2. Sharing your YouTube of videos that where on LYHME is permitted
    3. Sharing your Twitch with others when live streaming on LYHME is permitted
    4. Setting your username to include a website is discouraged
  2. The use of capital letters
    1. Are only permitted sparingly, it’s okay if its a mistake or to celebrate
    2. All other events of capital letters are not permitted
  3. The following is discouraged here at LYHME
    1. Conversations related to drugs, politics, and sexual talk
    2. Sharing or doing any racists or NSFW (porn) related content such as roleplaying
    3. Soliciting in other’s private messages about another server, or advertising

Unturned Server

  1. The following is not permitted while playing on our Unturned server
    1. Building on or Locking the Train
    2. Abusing NPCs, and Loot Spawns
    3. Suiciding to get around the map
      1. Simply ask if someone is near where you are and ask if you can TPA
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